Monday, September 3, 2012

The Deception of Self-effort

          “All who believe upon My Name and trust in My Word are cleansed from all things of this world and all things of self.
          As there is the mind in this earth, as there is the physical being manifest in the earth, the patterns of the world are tied to the physical aspects of the being.  The mind becomes entangled in those things of the world that create care, concern that are brought into the stresses of the being in this world.
          As the heart is freed through the patterns of surrender, through the releasing of all things to Me, the Freedom and the Opening for My Love and My Peace are brought forth to reveal that Life from Above, that Life of My Kingdom.
          When there is the struggle within self concerning anything that comes to your consciousness, when there is the tension in the body created by the stresses of the mind, the understandings of what to do, of where to go, of what steps to take, these are clouded by the darkness that this condition reveals in your being.  The mind is tricked into self-effort to make things better, to make things happen, to draw to it what it thinks it needs.  This is the pattern throughout the physical manifest world, for this is the work of the Deceiver in that area of separation between My Spirit and your spirit.
          As you surrender to My Peace, as you trust completely in My Word, the body begins to relax and the mind begins to focus on the Truth of your Being in Me.  As you do this, there is the connection and the impartation of My Peace into your body, into your mind and into your soul.
          When you experience this Peace, know that all things of concern to your being are being taken care of by My Spirit, by My Holy Angels that work on behalf of those who are Mine and are called by My Name.
          The self-effort is a deception of the darkness and of the sins in the atmosphere of the earth and in the world at this time.
          The Victory is gained through the stronger belief, the stronger attunement that comes from the surrender to Me, the surrender to My Love, the surrender to My Ability.  For the Oneness that is from Above is the Power of that Life that I have given and placed within you, for that Life is Never-Ending, Always Living, Overcoming, Everlasting. 
          As you realize this through the speaking of My Word, through the study of My Word, that which you are will become more and more evident and My Peace will become overwhelming to your being with the Richness and Glory of My Presence.”
Q.       Would the patterns of the mind that cloud the understanding and block one’s receiving be things such as:  fear, doubt, judgments of self and others, guilt, anger, discouragement about appearances, caring what others think, inferiority feelings, lust, greed, bitterness, hate, etc.?

          “These are all those forces that prevent the clarity of the Oneness of My Peace from being received into the being.  All of these are of self.  All of these are of the deception in the world.
           As there is the release of the struggle in the midst of these trials, there is the harmonizing, purifying Light of My Kingdom that flows through your being to wash away the care.
          This is the only effort that you need to make: and that is your total belief in My Love and in My Word to be all that is needed in every situation.  And as you do this, there is that Freedom, that Complete Rest, for you are seated with Me in Heavenly Places. 
          And as you experience the release of all care, you will know who you are and where you are from and who you belong to, and this is a security and a freedom that overcomes all things of the world. 
          Rest in this and be filled with the Spirit of Life.  Be filled with the Spirit of Love, and Rejoice always in the Victory.”


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