Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Very Strange Storm & The Norway Spiral

Q.       We had a really strange storm.  We’ve never seen anything like it.  It woke us up a little before 2 am in the morning with wind and heavy rain.  But it was the thunder and lightening that was so strange and unusual.  It was right over our house and the lightening was like a strobe light, continuous without any breaks in-between.  The thunder was a constant roar.  Never stopped or paused for a break.  It lasted well over a half an hour like that.  We felt like something really strange was going on.
           What was actually happening?
          “This is part of the atmospheric battle that is taking place in the heavenlies that is spilling into the earth consciousness, the earth manifestations. 
          This is taking place in other areas in other ways, but this is a pattern that is evident through this event in the continuous thunder and the continuous lightening.”
Q.       What was it that caused the Norway Spiral?
          “Those areas, again, of conflict in the spiritual realms are taking place in very many areas.  This is a faction of darkness and Light that is breaking down those elements in the atmosphere: as these sounds occurring, as the lightenings, as the thunders.  This is a part of that same pattern taking place throughout the world.”
          “Those signs in the heavens, those signs in the earth, those things that are occurring with the patterns of the weather, with the jet stream, with the oceans, with the turbulence in the atmospheres of the world, these are all taking place in the realm of the spirit.  These are manifestations of that warring activity with the darkness and the Light. 
          As there is the continual presentation of greater events, of more mysterious sounds, of more mysterious lights in the sky, it is well to know that these are forces that are combating the Forces of Light that are coming upon the earth, and that the hearts that are attuned to the Love and the Peace of God will be surrounded by the angels of God and protected from those things that are coming upon the earth.
          As the Life that has been given you, as the Life that has been opened to you, keep your hearts in all diligence toward the One Who is the All in all. 
          That Life from Above is the Life of My Spirit.”
(Note:  See “Strange Sounds In The Atmosphere” posted March 2012.  Also “Clintonville, Wisconsin Booms” posted April 2012.)

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