Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strange Sounds In The Atmosphere

Q.        The mysterious sounds that people are hearing that are apparently coming from the sky even setting off car alarms.  Is there some underlying event happening with these?
            “These are a dimensional activity through which those forces of darkness and those Forces of Light are penetrating the atmosphere of the earth to formulate the power struggle that is taking place in the consciousness of man and in the systems of the world toward the Truth of God and the coming of Christ.”
Q.        Would You say it’s a symbol of the battle taking place?
            “The preparation for that which is coming upon the earth.”
Q.        When You say "that which is coming upon the earth”.  Do You mean about the Return of Christ or the devastation type stuff?
            “The battle that creates devastation in the earth.”
Q.        Will these sounds build and increase?
            “There will be areas of increase as this moves forward in gathering those forces against that Light that is the Truth.”
Q.        Would You say it’s like the Light and the Kingdom that is coming and the forces of darkness are fighting against it?
            “This is correct.  Through the Light breaking forth into the area of the earth, those angels that are being brought forth to work in this area for this purpose are breaking through into the earth’s atmosphere to become more manifest in the earth at this time.”

Q.        Angels and what appear to be ships (such as Ezekiel saw) have been coming and going throughout history.  Why would they now have anything to do with these sounds in the atmosphere when it’s never been reported that they’ve been heard before?  What’s the difference?
            “As the atmosphere of darkness is increasing in the world again and the spiritual opposition is increased, the sounds of that breaking through the darkness produces sounds that can be heard in the physical. 
            There are also physical sounds that are taking place of an earthly origin that is in league with those forces of deception. 
            The aspect of the ships are only projections of the mind of men to explain the mode of conveyance of the angels, as the idea of wings.”
Q.        Is it just angels and not ships then? 
            “It is just angels if it is of the angelic realm.  If it is of the realms of darkness, these are displayed as ships to enhance the alien deception along with those of the world who are manipulating and deceiving man.”
Q.        Is there anything further that would be helpful for us regarding this?
            1.  “Some noises are the breaking of the darkness which is like a barrier of darkness.”
             2.  “Some are a part of the deception.”
             3.  “All these things are preparation for the revealing of the Kingdom to those who are open to the Truth of their Beings in Christ.”

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